What does a Costume Designer do?


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Now, at work I like to think of myself as a bit of a fashion icon. One of my shirt-tie combos has been likened to  snake crawling up  a tea towel. So it was fitting that this episode I spoke to Georgina Walsh, a costume designer who has worked on many high-profile TV advertising campaigns, and is currently the Wardrobe Supervisor on The Graham Norton Show. We spoke about dressing a mediaeval army and a chat-show icon, where grass stains on TV really come from, working 16-hour days, what it is like to have to shop until you drop, and the less glamorous side of the job – who needs a cat-walk in Milan when you can have a quarry in Oldham?

You can listen to all other episodes by visiting justthejobpodcast.com.  There, you’ll also find the  bank of questions I ask my guests, so you can play along at home, as well as links to my various maths & non maths projects. If you want to get in contact, then on Twitter I am @mrbartonmaths. Finally, all the lovely music throughout the episode is written and performed by Monk Turner.

I hope you enjoy the show!
Craig Barton

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