What does a Restaurant Owner do?


Hello and welcome to the Just the Job Podcast – a podcast about the jobs other people do.

This episode I spoke to Noel Hunwick, the co-founder and Director of Marketing of the award-winning Inamo Restaurants. In a wide ranging discussion, we talked about what it takes to bring a concept like interactive dining to reality, coping with stress, celebrity diners (and there’s a couple of very decent name-drops here), running marketing campaigns, organising your day, interviewing employees, dealing with customer complaints, and loads more. Whatever your age or profession, this really is worth a listen.

Inamo’s website can be found here
Also, check out Noel foray into the world of music, where he goes by the name of Reiver here

You can listen to all other episodes by visiting justthejobpodcast.com.  There, you’ll also find the  bank of questions I ask my guests, so you can play along at home, as well as links to my various maths & non maths projects. If you want to get in contact, then on Twitter I am @mrbartonmaths. Finally, all the lovely music throughout the episode is written and performed by Monk Turner.

I hope you enjoy the show!
Craig Barton

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