What does an Online Journalist do?


Hello and welcome to the Just the Job Podcast – a podcast about the jobs other people do.

This episode I spoke to Charlotte Duck, an online journalist and the Deputy Editor of Glamour.com. We spoke about showbiz parties, stressful press junkets, how smart phones have changed journalism, the importance of Search Engine Optimisation, Hollywood A-listers, the need to write quickly, and how an idea about Gogglebox went viral.

You can listen to all other episodes by visiting justthejobpodcast.com.  There, you’ll also find the bank of questions I ask my guests, so you can play along at home, as well as links to my various maths & non maths projects. If you want to get in contact, then on Twitter I am @mrbartonmaths. Finally, all the lovely music throughout the episode is written and performed by Monk Turner.

I hope you enjoy the show!
Craig Barton

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